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More Hueco




Back in Texas

Dale and I made the annual trip down to hueco. Things are going pretty well so far. I did Mcbain on North Mountain the first day. Its V8 and my first of the grade. I was really excited to do something so good on my first day. It really alleviates the pressure to send hard. Dale and I both sent a rarely done gem, Wicicala Cave. It was a V5, but it was a typical Hueco roof climb, super sandbagged. It involved a really cool knee bar and took alot out of us. Hopefully Babyface is next…









Long term project

This past weekend i was able to send one of my long standing projects, Castaway V7 at LRC. I generally think most things at LRC are a bit soft, but i think this dyno is full value. I spent the whole day with Beth Anne and she seemed to be my good luck charm. I was able to send the Wave V6 in two goes and Red House V7 in about 4 goes after punting once off the top out. This up coming weekend we are spending a couple of days in rocktown and i have my eye on a whole slough of problems. Here are a couple of pictures from the past two weekends.









Long Time, No Post

No words, Just pictures.






After leaving colorado, Doug and I ventured to the great north to visit with ryan in Vancouver. We have spent three straight days in squamish and are completely wrecked. Squamish has to be the 2nd or 3rd best boulder field on the continent. Only behind Hueco and HP40. The forest is so beautiful and you are always in the shadow of the Chief. That thing is huge, and its only half the size of El Cap. Lots of good climbing went down. There was a riot. Canada is great. Pictures.








Here are a couple of shots from our last day in Colorado. Im excited to get up to Squamish.





Day 2 of my vacation brought the crew up to Rocky Mountain National Park. This place is awesome. The hike in was mostly uphill and very snowy. There were really only two boulders we went in to do. The Kind is a super classic V5. I was able to snag it in a couple of goes, very pumpy. More importantly, George also sent the Kind, it was his first V5. We met up with a friend, Ryan Brazell. Ryan and Doug both worked a really classic V10 called Whispers of Wisdom. Both fell of the last couple of hard moves. Dale sent ¬†two V7’s that work into The Kind. Looks like his finger isnt holding him back much.






Mt. Evans

After dealing with our flying fiasco, Doug and I finally met up with George and Dale in Colorado, a day late. Dale had a wedding to go to, so the rest of us decided to check out Area A at Mt. Evans. Despite a pretty heinous hike, this area was gorgeous and it was only about an hour and a half in. We all flashed a cool V2 called the Ladder. I did an area classic called the Dali stand V6. This one took me a bunch of tries and the dyno start move was pretty precise. Doug got really close to a V9 called Bierstadt. Im sure he could do it quickly with a return trip. Below are some photos from the trip so far.




Ladders - V2


Ladders - V2


Bierstadt - V9


Bierstadt - V9



Proverbial Heel Click


Foster Falls

I spent memorial day weekend at Foster Falls with some friends and snapped off a couple of shots. Im really excited about hitting Colorado and Squamish in 2 weeks







Last weekend I got to take a trip up to the Red River Gorge with a bunch of great friends. This was my first trip to the red, and I have to say it lived up to its potential. We arrived on friday and headed straight to the Military Wall. The thing is just gorgeous jug pockets for 70ft. Afterwards we camped at miguel’s. For some reason i had a pretty negative opinion of the place, but it was actually pretty awesome. The pizza was great, and the breakfast waffles are worth a repeat trip alone. The next couple days were spent at muir valley and the last day that Roadside was open. Below are some photos from the weekend. Hope you enjoy.



Eric Singleton doing something hard


David Eckhardt doing something hard


Michael Lacour falling on something hard


Eric on something else that's hard


Doug clipping on something hard


Cool barn in the morning light


Doug doing something else that's hard